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CAD$30 per class

Dedicated mobility program at Hybrid - Fitness Health Performance to enhance your capacity for movement and safeguard your body against degeneration, pain, and injury. Our mobility training methods, Kinstretch and Functional Range Conditioning, are rooted in the most current science and utilized by a handful of the best gyms and professional sport team trainers around the world. Mobility training is included at the beginning and end of all of our classes in addition to the Kinstretch classes. Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control and awareness, flexibility, and usable ranges of motion- think (Yoga+Science)-Spirituality=Kinstretch.


  • Restores a prerequisite capacity for movement such that movements can be practiced regularly, and loaded, without detriment to the joints
  • Develops body awareness and control, develops motor cortex
  • Reduces chances of injury: joints withstand greater loads in end range making you less likely to incur an injury from a given force
  • Improves working range of motion
  • Improves work capacity in an existing range of motion
  • Increases neural drive and activity, having the capacity to heal missing strength
  • Improves spinal mobility and removes hinge points that lead to back injuries
  • Prevents joint degeneration
  • Meditation helps to boost mental fitness and reduce stress
  • Reduced stress helps you get more out of your training