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Strength Class Schedule

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Strength Classes

Our strength classes include a mixture of training methods and equipment from powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman, and Functional Range Conditioning. We have some fun and unique exercises and equipment that you won’t see in an ordinary gym.

Why we don’t do a lot of cardio in Strength Classes

Occasionally we throw in some metabolic conditioning, but for the most part we utilize separate strength and metabolic conditioning (cardio) programs at Peterborough Strength. This allows you to tailor your workouts to meet your specific goals and allow you to progress without hitting the inevitable plateaus that comes with a combined strength and conditioning programs.

Metabolic training (cardio) and strength training demand that the body adapt in two opposing directions, causing this plateau. To see real improvements and reach a higher level of cardiovascular conditioning and endurance, class times would need to be much longer in duration hence this cannot be achieved within a combined strength/conditioning hour.

The cardiovascular-based classes are called "Sweat Circuit*" and typically run on Saturday mornings. These classes run seasonally and you can find that schedule under the "Drop-In Classes at Hybrid" tab.

Strength Class Membership

Strength Class Memberships are only available in a 3 month term that is billed monthly. After the initial 3 months, memberships are considered month-to-month. The membership includes 2 Strength Classes per week.

*Sweat Circuit - Occasionally, these classes are offered at no additional cost to members. These classes are not permanently on the schedule. Please don't consider these a part of your membership, but rather an optional complimentary session to your Strength Classes.